SRC Training


SRC Training (Short Range Radio Certificate)

In order to use a VHF radio when operating a marine vessel in the proper manner, a person should receive certification in the use of this comprehensive communication tool. In some industries an individual may be required to hold a Shore Range Radio Certificate (SRC) to prove that they have an understanding and working knowledge of the use and regulations that apply to a VHF radio and often this certificate is beneficial to a leisure user as well. Offshore Training Headquarters have outlined what SRC Training is all about and will give you a basic idea of what to expect from SRC Training.


SRC Training Course Objectives

There are a few different courses that one can take in order to achieve their SRC and be able to properly utilize a VHF device.

The objectives of these courses are:

  • To give delegates an awareness of the regulations that are relevant to and govern the use of VHF radios and the various governing bodies that implement these regulations.
  • To enable delegates to have a familiarity with and understanding of the requirements that are imposed by the regulations of use and how they personally are affected
  • To give delegates the ability to understand the limitations and the range of marine VHF radios
  • To teach delegates how to understand and send various messages including urgency messages, safety messages, distress calls and DSC messages
  • To give students an awareness of the proper radio techniques to be used
  • To teach the correct terminology and phrases that should be utilized during radio communications


How the Courses Achieve Objectives

The objectives outlined above that must be met for a delegate to receive their SRC are met through teaching and hands on training in the SRC Training course.

Most of these courses teach the above through:

  • Demonstration and hands on practice with the VHF radio
  • Modules and lessons that utilize lecture and visual aids to teach the necessary material

Upon completion of a SRC training course, the student will be prepared to complete the VHF examination. Delegates will earn their SRC and will be able to successfully use a VHF radio on a marine vessel.


Other Information

Students who intend to take a course to earn their SRC should be over the age of 15 prior to starting the class and should bring with them:

  • One form of government issued photo ID
  • 2 Passport photos
  • Change for a coin locker

Completing a SRC Training course is very valuable for use by not only professionals who must hold the certificate for work, but also for those who use their VHF for everyday leisure activities such as fishing and boating.

Offshore Training Headquarters do not arrange courses. We simply strive to provide you with the best information possible, so you can work your way in the offshore industry.

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