HUET Training


HUET Training (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training)

Anyone who flies in a helicopter and is performing such tasks as survey, search and rescue, fire bucketing and other challenging feats will be flying at very low levels. This can be dangerous and thus anyone who will be doing this sort of work must have advanced helicopter underwater escape training to enable them to safely get out of a helicopter underwater. There are various  HUET Training programs (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training) that will give delegates the confidence, knowledge and skills to appropriately handle and respond to a helicopter ditching situation. Offshore Training Headquarters have outlined what HUET Training is all about and will give you a basic idea of what to expect from HUET Training.


HUET Certification Programs

Various programs exist for individuals to earn the important HUET certification. Two notable programs include the OPITO HUET program and the RHO Aviation HUET Program.


HUET Training Program

The HUET (OPITO approved) program is a course that is designed for those who will be working in the Oil and Gas Industry who will work in or may be transported in a helicopter over water, but do not need to have a BOSIET or FOET certification for their work. The program will give delegates extensive practical, as well as theoretical training in the safety practices that they will need to perform in order to save their lives should a helicopter ditching situation occur. The delegates will be simulating an underwater ditching experience to get hands on training.


The RHO Aviation Program

The RHO Aviation Program is a course that uses specially designed Helicopter Procedural Escape Trainers that give students the opportunity to learn and apply underwater escape techniques. These trainers consist of a multi-seat procedural system with realistic hatches and tools so that students receive realistic practical training.


Objectives of the HUET Training Programs

Regardless of the HUET program you take, in order to earn your HUET certification you must achieve the following objectives:

  • Understand the principles of the emergency breathing system (EBS) and have the ability to use one correctly in a water environment
  • Know and understand the actions to perform during a surface evacuation into an aviation raft
  • Have the competence to escape from a ditched helicopter in an underwater emergency situation while using the emergency breathing system (EBS)
  • Have the ability to get on an aviation raft successfully from the water


Other Information

All students wishing to achieve HUET Training certification should take an approved course.

These courses generally require that the delegate bring:

  • Government issued ID
  • Medical examination certification
  • Swimwear and towel

Anyone who flies in a helicopter for their career, either as the pilot or will be riding in one to get to worksites, should complete a HUET Training certification program.


Offshore Training Headquarters do not arrange courses. We simply strive to provide you with the best information possible, so you can work your way in the offshore industry.

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