FOET Training


FOET Training (Further Offshore Emergency Training)

Further Offshore Emergency Training (FOET) is a necessary step for anyone who has previously received their BOSIET certification and needs to complete additional training because their certification will be expiring soon. Completing FOET before the BOSIET 4-year certification expires will enable the delegate to avoid having to complete another 3-day BOSIET program. This course revalidates a delegates training for another 4 years. Just like BOSIET, FOET is necessary and OPITO approved, meaning it adheres to the highest level of industry standards and enables graduates to work on offshore assets. Offshore Training Headquarters have outlined what FOET Training is all about and will give you a basic idea of what to expect from FOET Training.


FOET Training Certification

The FOET course is a 1-day comprehensive training course that meets the further safety and emergency training requirements for all individuals who are working on offshore equipment in the oil and gas industry. Delegates will practice and refine many of the essential emergency skills they already have, as well as advance their knowledge.

Upon completion of the course, delegates will:

  • Have advanced abilities in escaping from a ditched or ditching helicopter in an emergency situation through the use of the emergency breathing system (EBS)
  • Have competence in using emergency first aid
  • Be able to use portable fire extinguishers for basic firefighting and have advanced skills and confidence in self-rescue techniques that will enable them to escape from environments filled with smoke


FOET Training Course

In order to reach the objectives outline above, delegates will complete a variety of simulated exercises, as well as participate in classes to continue their education.

The areas to be focused on during this continuing education course include:

  • Helicopter Safety and Escape
  • In a simulated environment, the students will show that they are able to follow the procedures and use the equipment to successfully prepare for and handle helicopter emergencies
  • Helicopter ditching will be a particular focus of this training
  • Firefighting and Self-Rescue
  • Students must effectively demonstrate that they are able to use basic firefighting techniques and can perform self-rescue procedures even in low-visibility areas, such as a room filled with smoke
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Basic first aid procedures and practices must be demonstrated


Other Information

In order to effectively teach the above required skills, the delegates will be taught using a three-pronged approach, incorporating audio aids, visual aids and course handout materials. All training staff members should be OPITO approved and have appropriate qualifications and experience to effectively teach the modules.

Delegates entered in the FOET Training program should meet the following requirements:

  • Hold a BOSIET, TBOSIET, FOET or TFOET certificate
  • Have a medical certificate or be able to complete a medical examination prior to starting the course

The FOET Training course will enable delegates to continue their work in the Oil and Gas Industry on offshore devices for another 4 years before certification will need to be renewed.


Offshore Training Headquarters do not arrange courses. We simply strive to provide you with the best information possible, so you can work your way in the offshore industry.

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