Banksman and Slinger Training


Banksman and Slinger Training

If you are someone who will be performing the role of a banksman and slinger in an Oil and Gas Industry workplace, you will need to take an OPITO approved training course in order to perform your job functions properly. The industry has specific minimum standards of safety and accepted practices that must be adhered to while performing the role of banksman or slinger. Therefore, the Banksman and Slinger Training course is recommended so that those who will be performing these jobs have proven competence in the job requirements and will earn a certificate stating that they have the necessary skills and abilities to properly do their jobs. Offshore Training Headquarters have outlined what Banksman and Slinger Training is all about and will give you a basic idea of what to expect from Banksman and Slinger Training.


Banksman and Slinger Training Program and Stages

The skills required for each of these roles differ, but they are often combined so that one person performs both duties. The Banksman relays specific instructions to a crane operator when lifting activities are being performed. The Slinger correctly prepares and “sling” loads for lifting and then releases the loads at their intended destination. The Banksman and Slinger Training requirements are to be met at four important stages.

Stage 1: The initial training program
After completion of a OPITO approved Banksman and Slinger Training, the delegate will receive their Stage 1 certificate and then can progress to the next stage.

Stage 2: Supervised experience in the workplace
Delegates will show that they are able to perform their job functions properly on the job while being supervised, giving them relevant on the job experience. They will be monitored closely and their activities will be logged by their staff trainer.

Stage 3: Formal training assessment
The formal assessment of competence will be done and if successful, the candidate will receive their official certificate of competence in the Banksman and Slinger role and this will be valid for 2 years.

Stage 4: Re-assessment of competence
The individual should renew their certificate after 2 years and can do so by completing stage 3 again.


The Banksman and Slinger Training Course

The delegates will be taught the various functions of their role and will be given an understanding of various load types.

The specific objectives upon completion are for delegates to:

  • Know the regulations pertaining to lifting functions
  • Assess the weight and center of gravity of loads
  • Sling loads properly and secure them
  • Carry out pre-use inspections for safety
  • Know the correct hand and radio signals
  • Use lifting equipment correctly
  • Know and understand all safety precautions for working with cranes


Other Information

Students should bring:

  • Gear for wet weather
  • Government issued ID
  • Coveralls, gloves, hard hat and safety boots
  • Safety goggles or glasses
  • Finished pre-enrollment and medical form
  • Change for coin locker

After earning their certificate, the delegate will be able to successfully hold the role of Banksman and Slinger.

Offshore Training Headquarters do not arrange courses. We simply strive to provide you with the best information possible, so you can work your way in the offshore industry.

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